"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

Our Programs

                            The SHHAI Difference

Strength through Partnership

SHHAI members working on the ground with their partners in Sub Saharan Africa for a common goal—reducing poverty through effective development. Our members tend to be small and effective and benefit from collaboration with other like-minded organizations. SHHAI helps our members work together by serving as a forum for constructive discussion, acting as a clearinghouse for sharing best practices and results, and creating a greenhouse for nurturing and planting the seeds for future projects.


SHHAI supports a range of educational programs through the support of our partners, including distributing books,creating libraries, building schools, supporting teachers and school administrators, conducting educational workshops, and providing scholarships. Our focus on education includes  providing scholarships and stipends to African girls so they can go to school, stay in school, and succeed in life.

On-the-Ground Experience in Education

Only organizations that are deeply knowledgeable of and trusted by local communities can help overcome the barriers of cost, culture, and tradition to bring education to more African girls. It is here that Success Helping Hands For Africa Initiative  members excel.

Our member are experienced in helping girls and young women go to school. Some focus on girls in elementary school, others on girls in high school, technical school or college. What SHHAI member’s all have in common is that they work in local communities under conditions specific to the culture, location, and country. Although education is a universal need, every student faces unique challenges. We understand this and work to ensure that each girl has what she needs to attend, stay, and succeed in school.


How Much Does School Cost? What Your Donation Can Do

The average annual cost of educating a high school student in the United States is about $7,750. In Kenya, Nigeria,Uganda, and Tanzania combined, the average cost per year is about $550Thus, 12 girls can go to school in  Africa for the price on one student in the US.  In some areas a girl can attend high school for as little as $400. Although the exact costs vary by school, town, and country, a small donation can make a big difference in the life of an African girl. Likewise, the cost of attending a public college in the United States is about $15,000. The cost of attending a university in Sub Saharan Africa varies by school and program, but averages about $2,000 a year. For the price of a year in a US college, seven girls can go to university in Africa.


Students in many countries in Africa pay fees to attend school. Even if school is “free,” students must have uniforms and supplies that they often cannot afford. Most high schools in  Africa are boarding schools, requiring students to live away from home and pay fees for their living expenses and tuition. Currently, we are supporting students attending elementary school through college in Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi,Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Your donation  will help girls go to school and stay in school. Donations of any amount are critical and can ensure a girl’s future.

Here are some examples of what your donation can provide:

  • $25– personal supplies, including soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads, laundry detergent, and the like
  • $50– a school uniform, physical education uniform, and school supplies
  • $100– school books for eight girls
  • $200– a mattress, set of sheets, a blanket, and a trunk for two girls at boarding school
  • $250– a year of elementary school
  • $550– a year of high school
  • $1,200– a year of vocational school
  • $2,000– a year in college, including room and board



• SHHAI Orphan Support Program : $1/Day. $365/ Year. Sponsor a Child. Create a Future.

• SHHAI Interest Free Microfinance :Repayment loan rate of 99.8

• SHHAI Health Care :Emergency and long term medical assistance for the needy and injured.

• SHHAI Education Support : Student Scholarships, Rebuilding Schools and Adult Literacy Programs.

• SHHAI Physical Rehabilitation : Physiotherapy and artificial limbs for those who’ve lost mobility in disasters.

• SHHAI Infrastructure Development : Providing Shelters, Rebuilding homes, schools and villages in disaster affected areas.

• SHHAI Inkind Donations: In-Kind Donation Centers across Africa. Medical equipment’s and basic necessity items.

• SHHAI Seasonal Programs : Chrismas and Gift Donations,Easter ,Iftar and Eid Gift Donations. Global Fitra and Zabeeha Programs in most countries.

• SHHAI Water for Life : Providing clean water by placing water pumps, wells and sanitation programs.

• SHHAI Skill Development : Empowering Women and Youths through skills development and vocational training

• SHHAI Public Advocacy & Youth Development Raising awareness on issues like global hunger. Programs like SHHAI Youth for Africa

• SHHAI Matching Gift Partners Program : companies matching their employees’ donations to SHHAI . Does your company match? If no send mail to us .