"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill


SHHAI  has a formidable Board of Trustees made up of world acclaimed eminent personalities reputed for outstanding contributions to National and Global development. The Board is the policy-formulating body of the organisation. The policies of the board are implemented by the SHHAI  Secretariat headed by an Chief Executive Officer  Who also double as SHHAI AFRICA AMBASSADOR  . The Board and the Management Team  consult from time to time with the  Advisory council on its policies and programmes including issues affecting the civil society sector in Nigeria and other Africa countries SHHAI operates.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is responsible and accountable to the members of SHHAI and the wider community of civil society organizations on everything that SHHAI  does. It ensures that its contribution to promoting the interests of the civil society sector is as efficient and effective as possible. It agrees and monitors the achievement of  SHHAI’s mission, vision, strategy and plans. It takes decisions in the best interests of SHHAI as a whole. It works in partnership with the SHHAI Executive Council, Advisory Council and the entire Membership. The board as far as practicable reflects the balance of society in respect of age, gender and ethnicity.



Working together with the Board of Trustees, the management team at  SHHAI is responsible for all aspects of the SHHAI’s work. Our management team consists of our Chief Executive Officer , Executive Director’s , our Director Director Human Resource,Director Program Manager, Director Head Legal.






Dr S.A. Iwueze               

Chief Executive Officer



Dr R. Lochner

Managing Director



Dr A.O.Williams           

Non Executive Director

Non Executive Director


Dr Pius Owolabi

Non Executive Director

Non Executive Director

Dr Ruka Olusesi

Executive Director

ED Operations & Strategy


Dr Hillary Simmon

Executive Director

ED Corporate Affairs & Communication


Iwueze Ngozi Awele


Director Human Resource


Barrister D. Smith


Director  Legal


Thaddeus Fine


Director  Program Manager

Executive Council

The Executive Council comprises the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director,Dirctor’s, all Regional /State’s  Focal Persons and the Management committee. It also includes the Chairs (or, in their absence, Vice Chairs) of any service committees reporting directly to the Board.
The Executive Council shares the same objectives as the Board of Trustees and operates according to the same principles. It has delegated authorities to make decisions that cannot reasonably be deferred until a meeting of the full Trustee Board.

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is responsible for contributing to the development of a vibrant civil society sector in Nigeria and Africa at large  and influencing decisions made by its membership. It provides forums in which key Global issues of relevance to SHHAI and to the civil society sector can be analysed and debated, and which allow recommendations to be made.
The Advisory Council is civil society led and customer focused. It reflects the diversity and experience of the third sector. It includes and involves people from other networks and organisations, and others (individuals) with relevant skills and experience. It operates in a way that maximizes involvement, efficiency and effectiveness.