How You Can Start Giving Back Today

Donate to Success Helping Hands For Africa Initiative ( SHHAI) – Support SHHAI to Help The Less Privileged 

 Your donation will empower African children, families and communities through grassroots programs in education, health, including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, food and agriculture, small business development, conservation, and more.

Here are some examples of how your donation can help.

A donation of $10 can:

  • Provide 10 children with an effective treatment for malaria
  • Protect 500 old growth trees for one year
  • Send $20 worth of medical supplies to an African country

A donation of $20 can:

  • Buy 52 books for school children
  • Supply 10 treatments of antibiotics for sick children

A donation of $100 can:

  • Provide school and personal supplies for 2 students for one school year
  • Buy goats for two families or widows with children

$35 provides three women with business skills training so they can escape from poverty.

$75 provides nursing care for one fistula patient.

$100 greens Africa by planting 1,000 trees.

$250 supports the salary of one scout who helps protect lions from being hunted.

$500 pays for two  girls in Nigeria or any West Africa Countries  to attend high-school for a year.