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                    Infrastructure Development

Investment in infrastructure development can boost the economic growth. Particularly, in disaster affected areas, the reconstruction of essential public infrastructure is an important ingredient for recovery, sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. Our Infrastructure Development (ID) Program contributes to the rebuilding and development of physical infrastructure particularly in the disaster affected areas In Nigeria and Some Africa Countries . It helps impoverished/disaster affected communities by improving their access to essential infrastructure, such as schools and houses; easing access to water supply schemes; employing local skilled and un-skilled labors for construction work. In Coming year, our focus we remained on construction of school to assist Disaster victims and Orphans . Help SHHAI fulfill its visions. Donate Generously.

Infrastructure Development involves fundamental structures that are required for the functioning of a community & society. This is usually referred to structures like roads, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, renewable energy, and so on. At this time, Success Helping Hands For Africa Initiative ( SHHAI )  Program for  Relief & Development’s International Infrastructure Development Program does not include larger scale civil projects like roadways, electric grids, telecommunications, and renewable energy (can be considered in the future). Projects like home construction, sanitation, basic hygiene provision, water sources identification & boring (wells), purification systems for clean water. This program has been started with the “Integrated Approach towards Rebuilding West Africa Program” We intend to includes two components: Home Construction Program (HCP) and Water & Sanitation Hygiene (WASH). Which we need your support to be enable SHHAI fulfill its visions. Donate Generously .

Home Construction Program Objectives

To construct maximum number of permanent homes in the most sustainable manner.

To save in general the destitute and in particular the calamity affected communities, from the hardships of weather;

To lower the sufferings of the most susceptible sections of the society again generally the needy and particularly the calamity affected communities: These vulnerable people include widows, orphans, landless persons, and elderly;

To create sense of ownership among the beneficiaries, with proper public involvement process;

To generate good employment opportunities for engineers, social workers, and people in other fields.